Customs clearance of water transport in Ukraine
Want to buy water transport from another country, but do not know the intricacies of the whole procedure? Customs clearance of sailing yachts in Ukraine and other types of water transport is a popular topic among Ukrainians. COMFINANCE UA knows the whole process better than anyone. We work in the market of Ukraine more than 7 years therefore we offer professional support on customs clearance of any type of transport. You can order the cost of the calculation from our experts, after which they will calculate the approximate amount of water transport with an accuracy of 95%, taking into account customs clearance.
Customs clearance of boats in Ukraine can take up to several months in the absence of knowledge and experience. Practice shows that the independent way demands from the person considerable time, material and moral losses. Unfortunately, there are cases when water transport in case of discrepancies is simply not allowed in the territory of the resident country.

Customs clearance of boats in Ukraine

Customs clearance of boats in Ukraine , as well as larger equipment - boats, yachts, requires the owner to provide the following documents:
  • Ecological certificate.
  • Technical passport.
  • Subject of sale.
  • Invoice.
  • Expert opinion on the state of transport and its characteristics.
Our company will save you from the need to independently pass customs control of water transport. For example, you are interested in customs clearance of a boat in Ukraine , but you are mistaken about its design. Our experts will tell you how to avoid problems when talking to customs services, we will provide support at all stages of transport delivery in Ukraine. With us, the desired boat, boat, catamaran, yacht will arrive in a few weeks on a turnkey basis!

Customs clearance of a sailing yacht in Ukraine

The dream of walking on your own yacht under a fresh breeze does not leave you? We understand you better than anyone else, so we offer services for the selection and customs clearance of the yacht of the required company. We have a reputable base of water transport dealers in Europe and the United States, so we help find the most economical solution within the budget. We work according to a transparent scheme with the provision of a full report to the customer.

Boat customs clearance in Ukraine : features

Owners of vessels, in accordance with the law, must provide a declaration of goods, customs declaration, permits during customs clearance. The cost of the procedure of customs clearance of water transport is equal to 30% of the estimated cost of the vessel. This rule applies to individuals. Customs services are based on the cost specified in the NADA catalog. Legal entities must pay an additional VAT of 18%.
Customs clearance of water transport in Ukraine also includes customs duties and issuance of various certificates. The broker of COMFINANCE UA is qualified in the field of water transport. He will provide support on all issues of a legislative nature. We approach each order responsibly, therefore we aspire to issue all customs documents in the shortest possible time. Minimal financial costs and saving the client's time - the policy of our company.
Accompanied by our expert will allow you to get the coveted passport of water transport without unpleasant experience. Questions left? We provide advice on issues of any nature. Call us or come to the office, where we will discuss and take into account all your nuances.
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