Registration of boats, boats, yachts, hydrocycles

Registration of boats, boats, sailing yachts, hydrocycles - a procedure that must be completed after the purchase / construction of water transport.

From a legal point of view, each vessel must have a flag, number, name and port in which it is assigned. Registration is necessary first of all in order that there were no difficulties: it is impossible to go to the sea, to issue insurance (necessary registration documents).

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Our experts will draw up the necessary documents and act as guarantors that the registration of water transport was in accordance with the law, without violations and errors.

Vessel registration procedure

Preparation of documents for vessel registration

Execution, collection of documents for the Register of Shipping of Ukraine, the Maritime Administration of Ukraine, according to the conditions

Registration in the Register of Shipping of Ukraine

Passing the initial technical inspection of the vessel

Registration in the Maritime Administration of Ukraine

Registration of a vessel in the Ship Register or in the Ship Register of Ukraine

Obtaining documents in the Register of Shipping of Ukraine

Obtaining registration documents for the ship on the basis of registration documents for the ship
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