Yacht management. Yacht Management: Managing your yacht. Rent.
If you have a yacht and you know how much parking and annual maintenance costs - this page will be very interesting to you.

What do we offer?

We offer management and commercial use of your yacht in Spain. There are also options for commercial use in Ukraine. Each vessel is calculated individually.

What does it mean?

Your yacht is distilled in Spain, together we choose the optimal place to park. From April to October - the Balearic Islands, from November to March - the Canary Islands. The yacht is equipped with all necessary safety and navigation. We apply for a permit for commercial use in Spanish waters. In parallel, we place it in our database and offer it to our customers. You can choose the type of charter:   bareboat charter  or charter with only one of our experienced skippers.

Benefits for you:

  • The yacht is located in a region suitable for yachting all year round.
  • The yacht no longer requires costs and brings income.
  • Current repairs and maintenance are at the expense of money earned by the yacht.
  • The yacht is always in 100% working condition (engine, sails, rigging, safety).
  • You still use your yacht as much as you want according to a pre-agreed schedule.
  • The yacht is fully insured.

What type of yacht suits us?

According to statistics, 90% of charters are sailing yachts with a length of 9 to 15 meters for 3-4 double cabins that have not reached 10 years. Such yachts are suitable for us. But we are in any case ready to consider your yacht, even if it does not meet these criteria.
Keep up with the times, use the resources of your yacht efficiently. The economic model of shared consumption has long and very clearly shown its success. Examples before you: Airbnb, BlaBlaCar and others help people around the world reduce the costs associated with owning and using property.
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