Subscriber program "Safe"
COMFINANCE UA is implementing the Safe subscription program on the territory of Ukraine. This program is aimed at both private shipowners and companies, yacht clubs, parking lots, berths for water transport, and is designed to provide a range of services for a minimum monthly fee.
The main function of the "Safe" program is VIP service and supervision of the client's vessel. The assigned manager of the company monitors the timely technical inspection of the vessel by the Register of Shipping of Ukraine, carries out registration actions (registration, exception, renewal, renewal) of ship documents, refueling yachts, boats, boats, storage of ship documents in a specially equipped safe, organizes scheduled service. before navigating the vessel, performs the client's instructions for the search and delivery of spare parts to the vessel, provides insurance of the vessel.
The Safe subscription program is valid on the territory of Ukraine, and is provided on a contractual basis for a period of 1 year with the possibility of automatic prolongation of the power of attorney.
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